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With our dynamic strategy, we are the change-maker of many top brands in the digital arena at home and abroad. Techabyte Solutions, the first OMNI Channel e-Business solution provider in Bangladesh is here to provide you with all the digital services to boost your business growth.


We dive deep into the valuable insights and understand your target audience, market trends, and competition. Playing with data is in our heart.


We identify patterns, trends, and opportunities that will help us develop effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.


We design comprehensive and innovative e-business solutions. We’re committed to driving growth and success for your business.
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We are a progressive web application development company and the best data-driven & programmatic digital marketing agency.
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Research shows that global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach $6.8 trillion by 2023.
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56% of CEOs said their digital improvements have already increased business profits. And 70% of organizations either have a digital transformation strategy or are currently working on it.


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Why Techabyte Solutions is Your Best Choice

As a dynamic web app development company, we provide a centralized service that connects all your web properties in a smooth way. We have our own secure data center to protect your data from being breached. Techabyte is committed to giving clients and users the best experience.

We are ready to give you a perfect guideline for your digital marketing purpose from our experience and extensive research. Our online marketing strategies are tested over time which brought the expected outcomes for our clients.

Who We Are

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Introducing a revolutionary team

Techabyte Solutions is a complete and all-in-one OMNI Channel e-Business solution provider. Our service area covers app development, web design & development, internet marketing, OVC making, creative contents, building brand strategy, domain & hosting services, and many more.
We have been working with top brands in Bangladesh & beyond for years and built brand identities for many businesses. Techabyte has a fully synchronized team, who works for a single goal, which is GROWTH.

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What We Do

Our passion is to make a business brand. We can help you reach a more targeted audience, generate more sales, and increase revenue.

Doing market trend research, website research, analyzing competitors, taking decisions from data, and user experience analysis are among our regular activities. We keep ourselves updated with respective the industry.


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Our Digital Services

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OMNI Channel e-Business Solution
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Data-Driven Digital Marketing
Data-Driven Digital Marketing is one of our popular services. We have been successfully providing this service to many top brands for years, who saw significant growth in their sales, revenue, and overall business.
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Web Application Development
Techabyte Solutions is a highly experienced web application development service provider having developed over 350 web apps. We are the architect of impactful, efficient, easy-to-use, and progressive web applications, websites & web portals.
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Mobile App Development
Mobile App is one of the demanding features for digital businesses nowadays. As an e-business architect, we offer highly impactful, and user-friendly Android mobile app development services at an affordable price.
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Branding & Video Commercial
When you are busy with your business, we are busy making your business a brand. To serve this purpose, we provide creative video commercial services as part of our e-business solutions at the best price.
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E-commerce Solutions
Techabyte is the industry leader in e-commerce solutions. From dynamic website development to marketing & branding, we provide all types of services for e-commerce businesses as per their need.
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Server & DevOps
Techabyte Solutions provides the most secure web server and web hosting services at home and abroad with so many features and advantages. Our service is open 24/7. Uninterrupted client service is our top priority.

Our Digital Services

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Omnichannel Marketing
Omnichannel Marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods for B2B & B2C businesses. We are masters in applying this method for our clients making a seamless integration of online and offline touchpoints.
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Business Data Analysis
Data is the best decision-maker for businesses in the digital world if a proper analysis is done. We know the importance of business data analysis. So Techabyte has a team of smart data analysts to make the best decision for your business.
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Integrated Software
You can smoothly maintain multiple business tasks such as CRM, accounting software, and salary software under one integrated software system. Techabyte can be your best choice for Integrated Software service.
Advanced Technologies

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UCSI University
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What our clients said about Techabyte

Here’s what you need to know about reviews, based on the feedback we get the most.
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World-class digital products and services.
An Omnichannel strategy can increase the consumers' purchase intent by 90%. -Interacting Advertising Bureau (IAB), USA.

An omnichannel solution is a strategic approach that creates a seamless and integrated customer experience across multiple channels.
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4.9/5 Satisfaction

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Techabyte Solutions has been working with multiple brands to tackle the critical questions related to the company's omnichannel strategies and opportunities

Improved sales and ROI
Improved customer insights
Competitive advantage
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Frequently asked questions

When you stop learning, stop listening, stop looking and asking questions, always new questions, then it is time to die. - Lillian Smith

Techabyte Solutions can add a lot of value to your business from different perceptions. We can make your business a brand by applying all branding strategies & guidelines so that you can be benefited in the long run. We can create sustainable funnels for your business to add permanent value to attract new leads. We take proactive measures to minimize your business risk.

We have a wide range of digital services for our clients that include web server & hosting services, progressive web app development, business data analysis, software development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, video commercials, digital marketing, SEO, and many more. You will get all your e-business services here under one single roof.

Digital has become the most effective method for brands to grow their sales and revenue. According to WordStream data, Pay Per Click returns $2 for every $1 spent—resulting in a 200% ROI rate. And e-mail marketing returns $36 for every $1 spent. Besides, 49% of businesses say that organic search brings them the best marketing ROI.

Brands working with us have seen a significant rise in online revenue from 100% to 300%.

Digital marketing is complex nowadays. But we make it hassle-free & smooth for our clients. We set our goal, research buyer persona, audience & market trends, and make a dynamic plan accordingly. As we have a lot of experience in the relevant industry we apply our proven strategies as per the brand's position. We optimize the conversion rate and suggest our partners' necessary steps. We believe in testing which is called A/B testing in digital marketing.

Techabyte Solutions is the most professional eBusiness solutions digital service provider in Bangladesh. You will get all digital agency services here, that's why there is no necessity for you to hire different agencies for different services. We are the industry leader in digital business services. All our partners are highly satisfied with us in terms of ROAS, ROI, and branding.

Yes, we provide impactful integrated software services to maintain your multiple types of business tasks from a single dashboard. This saves your time & enables you to work effectively.

We have different charging systems for different services. It varies on clients' demand. But our pricing range is very reasonable. We try our best to give the best at the best prices. Click Here to know our pricing details.

As a complete digital business solutions provider, we have a full package for your business. We make strategies well-fit for your brand and test them to get the best one. Techabyte Solutions can increase the revenue stream for your business and bring constant & sustainable growth to your brand.

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