Welcome to Tech A Byte Solutions. Your Trusted Web Companion with Total Web Solution!!


Welcome to Tech A Byte Solutions. Your Trusted Web Companion with Total Web Solution!!

Why Choose a .ltd Domain Extension for your Limited Company or Business?

Why Choose a .ltd Domain Extension for your Limited Company or Business?

There’s no limit to .ltd


Represent your business online.

The web is flooded with online businesses, attempting to establish themselves in a sea of competitors. If yours is a limited company, you can register .ltd domain names to differentiate yourself, get the name you really want and shorten your address with Your Business.ltd instead of YourBusinessLTD.com

What’s in a name?

Your business’ name holds its reputation. If you own or manage a limited business, you want a domain that’s descriptive and memorable. With .ltd domain names, you can capture the exact name of your business and ensure it’s represented accurately online.

.LTD Domain Name – The .LTD domain extension means that your limited company will be represented accurately online, increasing credibility and recognition. How many companies in the world have limited in their full name? Too many to count, suffice to say that demand for the .LTD domain name extension is growing, rapidly.

Registering a .LTD domain extension for your web address makes your website more visible and SEO friendly, your domain name becomes part of your marketing strategy. Registering .LTD Domain name for your limited company makes perfect sense, and is far more logical than .COM.

The .LTD domain, short for “limited,” tells visitors that your business is a limited liability company. Popular in Bangladesh, India, Europe and Canada, and occasionally used in the U.S. as well, .LTD Domain Name offers a unique domain ending for businesses.


  • In Bangladesh Registered & Trade Marked Inc Business Companies who are Limited can easily use this domain extension for brand value.
  • Canada and European countries can use this domain to inform visitors of their limited liability company structure.
  • Incorporated U.S. businesses can use the .LTD domain name ending as an alternative to including “Inc.” at the end of their URL.
  • Businesses whose names end in “Ltd.” or “limited” can use this extensions to reduce the length of their URL while staying true to their brand.


Limited Companies, or LTDs, now have a new domain option with .LTD Domain Name. This extension allows companies that have an LTD designation to choose a domain name that reflects this standing. .LTD Domain Name may also be used by attorneys, brokers, and analysts who provide LTD registration services to companies, or who provide online information about obtaining an LTD registration, the pros and cons of the designation, and how to apply the LTD to taxes and other business transactions.


The .LTD domain name extension will create a new namespace for limited companies worldwide. It can be used as an alternative web address to the existing .com, .net, .org or country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) such as .com.mt, .uk, .au or .nz suffixes. Register your interest in this upcoming TLD for your online presence today!


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