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We Provide Bulk SMS Solutions for Corporates

Techabyte Solutions is a BTRC Enlisted Bulk SMS Aggregator (Processing)

Service Features

We offer reliable and effective SMS solution for successful SMS campaign. 

Easy API

You can easily integrate our API with your application or software.

Instant Delivery

Your messages will be delivered to customers within seconds.

Long SMS

You can send messages exceeding 160 characters for long messages.

Any Language

You can send SMS in any language, including Bangla and English.

Real-time Reporting

You will receive real-time updates on your SMS activity.

24x7 Support

We provide you with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SMS Services We Provide With Love

Non-masking SMS

Non-masking SMS is a direct and transparent SMS service where the recipient sees the sender’s phone number or a chosen alphanumeric ID displayed alongside the message.Recipients can easily identify who sent the message, fostering trust and building brand recognition.

Non-masking SMS

Targeted campaigns, special offers, loyalty program updates, and product launches.

Appointment Reminders

Confirmations and reminders for appointments, bookings, or reservations.

Customer Service

Post-purchase updates, delivery notifications, and two-way communication with customers for inquiries or support.

Security & Verification

Sending one-time passwords (OTPs) for logins, transactions, or password resets.

Alerts & Notifications

Urgent alerts, time-sensitive notifications, or system updates where the sender's identity might not be crucial.

High-Volume Campaigns

Surveys, polls, or customer feedback campaigns where anonymity can encourage participation.

Masking SMS

Masking SMS hides the sender’s phone number and replaces it with a generic number or shortcode (a short, memorable number or code). The sender’s phone number remains hidden, protecting them from potential spam or unwanted responses.This service prioritizes privacy and anonymity for the sender.

Our SMS Application Features

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Lower Price in Bangladesh?

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Our SMS Gateway Will  Enable You to-

Emergency Alerts

Quickly disseminate important information during crises or urgent situations.

Appointment Reminders

Confirm appointments and reduce no-shows with automated reminders.

Marketing & Promotions

Broadcast special offers, product launches, and company news.

Customer Service

Deliver personalized greetings, updates, or reminders.

Election Campaigns

Connect with voters and share your message directly.

Voice SMS Service

Voice SMS allows you to send pre-recorded or live voice messages directly to a recipient’s phone number. This can be a more personal and engaging way to communicate compared to traditional text messages.

How Our Voice Broadcasting Service Works?

Domestic voice broadcasting through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a powerful tool for reaching a large audience quickly and efficiently. Here’s how it works

Effortless Mass Communication

Pre-record your message and send it out to a large group of phone numbers on your list. No need for manual dialing - the system does it all for you.

Smart Dialing

Automatic dialing connects you with your target audience, eliminating wasted time on busy signals or unanswered calls.

Speak Every Language

Reach a wider audience by broadcasting messages in multiple languages, including Bangla and English, ensuring everyone gets the information they need.

Schedule Your Message

Plan your broadcast for a specific time that best suits your audience, maximizing impact.

Track Your Results

Detailed call reports reveal exactly how your campaign performed, letting you measure success and optimize future broadcasts.

Client Utilize this Service

Infinity Mega Mall
EASY Fashion
Rang Bangladesh
UCSI University
Dhalis Amber Nivaas
Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa
air imperial
Top Ten

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If you need to sell your products or promote your brand, our SMS marketing service makes it easy to create customized SMS campaigns. Techabyte Solutions offers a powerful SMS marketing platform in Bangladesh to help you reach your target customers and grow your business. With our gateway, you can quickly set up effective SMS campaigns and monitor live reports to track delivery in real-time.

Need SMS Marketing Solutions?

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